I confess... I love big mutts...the bigger the better.  I can't really explain why I love big dogs, there is just something about them that clicks for me.  Can't explain it, it's just my preference.   With that said,  if we had "room at the inn" so to speak, I would scoop up Chubs in a New York minute and make him part of our family!  He is a seriously cool little dog.  He is so adorable and funny and has such a sweet personality, and he walks on his hind legs like a circus dog.  He is pretty chill and rides in the car like a pro.  On top of all of that, he is the perfect tiny package who can ride shotgun with you wherever your life may take you.  So... if you love smaller dogs and are thinking about adding a family member to your pack, please consider Chubs - you will be glad you did!  Woof River Animal Rescue in Memphis, TN does both local and transport adoptions.  Go to their website to find out more about Chubs and their adoption process.

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