Dexter's Story

When you look at these photos of Dexter, you probably see a beautiful, happy, silly dog.  You're right - he is all those things.  He’s also a gentle soul who constantly wags his tail, shares kisses and is game for most anything asked of him.   He’s a pretty incredible dog, and whoever adopts Dexter will probably find it hard to remember a time when he wasn’t around. He’s just that kind of dog.

As handsome and goofy as Dexter looks in these photos, he wasn’t always grinning at the bright future ahead of him.  In fact,  not long ago Dexter was on the verge of not having a future.  He was an older dog with a curable ailment his owner was either unable or unwilling to address, and he was going to be euthanized.  But someone saw value in Dexter - the tail that still wagged despite his condition and the sweetness in him which no sickness could mask - and they refused to let him slip through the cracks and be forgotten.  Dexter's foster moms  welcomed him into their home and family and gave Dexter love and a soft place to land while he healed and blossomed into the handsome guy he is today.  Woof River Animal Rescue is working to find Dexter the perfect forever home, but until that time, Dexter will be safe and well loved with his foster family.  

Thanks to someone seeing value in Dexter and stepping up to the plate , Dexter has a second shot at life, and some lucky adopter will get a new best friend.   If Dexter looks like a good fit for your family, head to to fill out an adoption application.

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