Penelope's Royal Puppies

Soooo, there are few things in this world cuter than puppies, right?  Last week I had so much fun spending  time with Penelope and her eight puppies taking photos for their official debut on Streetdog Foundation's social media.  The puppies were given royal names, and, as such, each had their own tiny crown for the photos.  They were just two weeks old, but they were already opening their eyes, and some were getting pretty mobile. Of course, they spent the majority of their time cuddling up next to one another snoozing, but they are definitely on their way to becoming independent little puppies who will need forever homes.  There are five girls and three boys, and each one is special and beautiful.  Mom Penelope will also be available for adoption once she's done taking care of her little family.  For more information about the #sdfroyalpuppies, visit

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