Taco's Jackpot

This little puppy centerfold is Taco, and I photographed him and his five litter-mates back in March.   Taco's foster mom was crazy about all six of the puppies, but Taco was her favorite.  And, as you can see, what's not to love about Taco?  How could he not be the favorite, right?  Fast forward to this past Sunday at Woof River's annual Santa photo fundraiser at Hollywood Feed when a beautiful blue velvet burrito with soft eyes sauntered up with his sister to get his photo taken with Santa.  Taco has a different name now, and he's grown so much, I didn't immediately realize who he was.  But, when I put the pieces together and realized it was Taco, my heart burst with happiness!  Taco went from being a newborn puppy with a sick mamma and no home to a loved, treasured, sweetheart of a dog with parents who adore him and even dressed him in a red and white tie for his Santa photo!  Taco sure hit the jackpot, and seeing him as a valued member of a family was the best Christmas gift ever.  If you are considering adding someone to your family, head over to www. woofriveranimalrescue.com.

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